What's the true story of hunger?

Five Days Until The Feeding the Planet Summit

The true story of hunger today is one of a worldwide fight against poverty and food insecurity. It's a story of innovation from individuals, organizations and whole communities, one that spans from poverty-stricken communities in remote areas to inside the largest cities in the world. It's the story of a new generation of hunger-fighters, ready to use new technology to close the gap and feed the planet.

Find out who these new leaders in the fight against hunger are, what amazing new technologies they're using, and how you can get involved in helping feed the world when we tell "The Story of Hunger" at the Feeding The Planet Summit.

Register to attend the Feeding The Planet Summit and then get ready by learning more about hunger. Check out our infographic on how deep the hunger problem really runs in America, and find out about how food deserts make hunger worse everywhere. Find out how hunger can force people to eat less-than-nutritiously and how it can wear people down over time. Then take a look at the flip side of the hunger problem, food waste, and how we're using recovered food to feed our hungry.

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April 23 & 24, 2015

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