Feeding the Planet Summit: Sustainable Innovations in Food Security

 Feeding the Planet gathered leaders from agriculture, business, finance, academia, NGOs, government and media alongside, from across the country to focus on game-changing innovations in global agriculture and food security. The summit explored transformational and scalable developments in policy, practices and technologies and paid special attention to the related issues of gender, climate change and urbanization. View the day's events here
  • Engaging Young People to move the Planet Forward
  • Climate Change, Extreme Weather and Extreme Realities
  • Technology and Big Data in Revolutionizing Agriculture
  • Empowering the Next Generation of Food Leaders, Producers and Consumers


Highlights Included:

Policy, Palate, and the Plate: Friend of GW and chef/owner of ThinkFoodGroup, José Andrés explains his quest to feed the planet.

The Five Most Innovative Things America is Doing to Feed the World:  A conversation with USAID Administrator Raj Shah.

A GMO Debate:  Perhaps no innovation in food stirs more emotion than Genetically Modified Organisms. Advocates say GMO can save millions of lives.  Opponents warn of hidden dangers. Food writer and Atlantic senior editor Corby Kummer moderates a debate that includes Phillip W. Miller, Vice President, Global Regulatory, Monsanto; Margaret Mellon, Senior Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Program; Greg Jaffe, Director, Biotechnology Project, Center for Science in the Public Interest and Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter Amy Harmon.

Innovations Showcase:  Spike Mendelsohn Chef/Owner, Good Stuff Eatery, Béarnaise and We, The Pizza hosts an in-the-room showcase of innovations in sustainable food production including 3D printed food, cricket flour, and mobile technology for farmers in the developing world.

Spotlight Talks:  National GeographicUSDA, and the World Wildlife Fund on global changes affecting food and efforts to feed the planet.