Join the Experts. Get Involved. Move the Planet Forward.

Today's college graduates are facing a big challenge, and it isn't the job market. When they retire, it will be on a changed planet -- one with close to 9 billion people. They'll need more energy, more water and more food and than we can produce today.

We need game-changing innovations to move forward. On Wednesday, October 30th, GW's Feeding The Planet Summit will bring together top CEOs and experts, leaders from NGOs and non-profits, students, and celebrity chefs to identify and share real solutions. From local sourcing, to agriculture on a global scale, we’ll see major innovations in food, and discuss how they’re changing all of our lives.

Get Involved:  Watch the livestream of the Summit or join us in person in Washington on October 30

  • Learn about the five most innovative things America is doing to feed the world from USAID's administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah. 
  • Discover how non-profits, government agencies and corporations are forging partnerships to feed over 1 billion people who face food insecurity. 
  • GMO Debate: Hear both sides of the issue from Monsanto and the Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Network and discover internship opportunties in food security and sustainability.

See the innovations. Hear from the experts. Speak up, post your videos and show us the best of your innovations to move the planet forward, to 2050 and beyond.